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The Firm Property Management can handle every aspect of managing your property and real estate asset. Our property management services include:
  • Physical property management: We will maximize your rental and/or association income while minimizing vacancies and delinquencies by covering everything from basic maintenance and landscaping to lighting, fire safety, and HVAC maintenance and repair.
  • Risk management: In addition to advising you what insurance coverage you need; we make sure that every vendor that works with your property also has the proper insurance coverage.
  • Financial management: We handle all aspects of your property‚Äôs financial needs, including budgeting, bookkeeping, rent and dues collection, tax planning and asset management.
  • Corporate and legal management: We can provide full management for an association or a building-owning corporation or individual, ensuring compliance with reporting, record keeping, planning, and other legal procedures required of corporations or other entities.
  • Board & people management: We work closely with boards of directors, the ownership, and tenants of an association or property, handling issues such as cost sourcing, separation of powers, tenant mediation, and payment allocations.
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