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3 Reasons You Should Hire a Professional Real Estate Agent

When people consider selling or purchasing a property, they want the best guidance – especially in this hot real estate market. A great way to navigate selling or buying a home is by working with an experienced real estate agent. A local agent has the expertise, marketing know-how and familiarity with transaction requirements to help...

You don’t need to budget. Do this instead.

Let’s face it: budgeting is a real pain. That’s why Andrew Sivertsen, a partner and senior financial planner in the Quad Cities office of The Planning Center, advocates another way to control your money. A much easier way. His prescription: Just saying the word “budget” is enough to cause your gut to wrench and make...

How To Give Your Company’s Stock To Your Children

Let’s say you plan to give stock of my corporation to your child. Since the child is an adult, is there any reason you should not make an outright gift? Bruce Bell, a partner in the Chicago office of Schoenberg, Finkel, Newman and Rosenberg, has some pointers: One general principle of gifting is to not...
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